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How to Receive in Three Easy Steps

Oh my gosh I can’t get anything done because I don’t know where to start!

The voices in my head are so chaotic and loud, I have no idea what they’re saying!

What the heck am I supposed to do?  How can I get clarity when the reception is fuzzy?  The rabbit ears are held together with aluminum foil and tape and the signal is wonky.

What the *%$# is going on?

Do any of the above sound familiar to you?  Are you tired of being stuck in the fog, behind the glass, under water?

Well, this wee little 1 minute exercise will change your life.  I’m serious.  It will.

It’s a simple 3-step exercise that you can do anywhere. Any time.  As many times as you like per day.


Here’s what you need:


You.  That’s it.  No special equipment or training required.  Just you.

Here’s what you do:



Step 1:

STOP!  Anytime that you feel so overwhelmed that you cannot move.  Stop.  You’re almost there already.  Stand still.  Be a mannequin.  (If you happen to be in the middle of the crosswalk street, wait until you get across the street).

Step 2:

Breathe.  One deep breath in.  Then out.  Nothing fancy required here.  You can, if you like, do belly breathing  – watch your abdomen expand when you breathe in and contract when you exhale.  Or just nice easy breath in and out.  C’est tout.  In.  Out.  One minute.  60 seconds.  In.

Step 3: 

Listen.  Listen.  Maybe hear your breath.  Maybe hear the cars driving by.  Maybe the noise from another room.  Maybe little voices in your head.  Thoughts racing through.  No judgement.  Just listen.


You are now primed to receive all that you need.

But Sheryl!  I’m no closer to figuring it out with all the noise!  How am I supposed to decipher the good from the garbage?

Glad you asked.


Stopping allows you to focus on your breath.  While you focus on your breathing, let all the chaos wander through.  Don’t judge whatever thought comes to your mind.  Let it meander on, greet it if you like. Honour it. Let it flow.  Let it go.    Eventually the important things that you need to hear, will make their way to the front.

Simple.  Three little steps that you can use to start your day.  At lunch, at bed time. While waiting for the kettle.  Or for the light to change.  Any time.

Try it right now.  Let me know in the comments below how it works.

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