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Bye Bye 2013, with gratitude and love xo

In the spirit of saying goodbye and thanks to 2013 and in preparation for 2014, I give you, the first annual

Honey Drip Awards of

Criteria:  Really extra-ordinarily simple

  1. Direct experience – I had to be involved somehow
  2. Indirect experience – I had to feel something about it
  3. Random input – I feel like including it because it deserves to be mentioned.

Points/Rating System*:  Again, I like to keep things simple, so each entry (submitted by me) will have been judged by a panel (consisting of me and my feelings) and awarded points (arbitrarily assigned by me) based on three things:  1.  How did I like it?  2.  How did I feel about it?  3.  Lasting impact i.e. I’m still feeling it a) not at all; b) somewhat; c) sort of a little; d) someLOTS

*Fine print about the PRS:  I use the totally scientific method of taking really big numbers and input them into a fake algorithm quantum physics gut feeling simulator resulting in an impressively incomprehensible calculation that I translate into honey drips.  The stickier the honey drip, the higher the likelihood of winning in a particular category. 


This was a wee bit of a challenge, because I wasn’t sure how to organise them all so I’ve kept it simple (running theme):

Things I Read; Things I saw; Things I listened to; Things I did that Stretched Me; Places I Went; Things I Want to Include

So, without further ado, on this December 31st, the last day of 2013, I give you with much fanfare and with great joy, the much anticipated Honey Drip Awards of Sweetness

Things I Read:

I read a LOT.  And I read a lot of different things:  Online journals, blogs, magazines, BOOKS J, fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, poetry, short stories!  Seriously I could have a whole HDAS based on this category.  However, in the interest of brevity and in maintaining the Simple Theme, here are the top three:

Louise Penny’s fine mysteries, especially Bury Your Dead.

Zen Under Fire by Marianne Elliott – telling her experience as a Human Rights Lawyer in Afghanistan.

And the award goes to:

The Orenda, by Joseph Boyden – historical fiction telling the story of the Haudnesaunee, the Wendat and the French in the early 17th century as the European settlement begins in Georgian Bay.

Things I Saw:

Includes movies, random sightings of hearts carved into trees, messages spray painted on sidewalks, this is a huge category.  Top Three:

A really old monument in China that apparently dates back to the 12th century – that was cool.996

A bit of my neighbourhood turned into a living art gallery when a whole block of houses was to be demolished.  It was very cool.


And the award goes to:

My initial carved into a tree in Fish Creek Park (I know, eh? It was just there and I was so thrilled!)


Things I Listened To:

Oh gosh, this is a toughie.  So much music, so many interesting podcasts and radio programs.

Top Three:

A CBC Radio Program Tapestry featured a story on the Legacy Project, lessons for living a good life from seniors.  My favourite quote from an 80-something woman about finding a romantic partner: “who would you most likely have sought out in the playground when you were six!” Brilliant and moving.

Ellie Goulding’s album Halcyon Days.  Thanks so much to my gorgeous daughter for introducing me to her music.

And the award goes to:

The Indigo Girls concert at the Knox United Church in October.  I bought their first album in 1989 and I’ve been waiting to see them since then.  They did NOT disappoint.  I laughed, I cried, I sang, I danced.  I danced, light as air, feeling 29 again, in the moonlight on my walk home.

Places I Went:

My “Living Room”.  It’s actually a bench along the path by the river, across the street from my apartment.  I love it there.  I sit and meditate, dream, read, people watch, gaze, visit with friends.  It’s lovely.505

Baker Cottage at Shushwap Lake, British Columbia.  Nestled in amongst the healing powers of the cedar – my beautiful friends share this amazing place with me and I am so grateful.


Québec City – oh my gosh, my favourite city in all of Canada.  This little trip began as a result of Bury Your Dead,  by Louise Penny – it’s set in this, the oldest and only remaining fortified city in North America.  A fun and inspiriting, laugh-filled trip with two of my sisters.  It has extra bonus points for having train travel, old things, and books.  And cobblestones.  And horse-drawn carriages.  And the oldest grocery store in North America.

IMG_3029Governor of New France

And the Award goes to:

Suzhou, China – This is a HUGE big one.  It was an amazing trip – my first overseas.  This was a trip of firsts.  BUT most importantly, it was the first time seeing my son in 5 years; the first time meeting his fiancée who became his wife.  My first child got married during that trip.  I learned my first Chinese words.  I became Empress of the world.  All in just under two weeks.


1090 Ben Anna Street

Things I did that Stretched Me

This category includes things like, taking risks, going beyond my comfort level, doing neat things that expanded my personal evolutionary self.

Top Three:

(Mostly) silent Walking as Prayer Retreat at Kingsfold near Cochrane Alberta.  A beautiful weekend of meditation and reflection.

Doing two 21-day meditation challenges, AND following the book May Cause Miracles.  All of these really brought me to a good and solid daily meditation practice which is essential to my health and wellbeing.

My first ever detox/cleanse with Dr Sara Gottfried.  Had great success because it was so straightforward and simple (well, there were more complex choices, but I kept it simple).  I learned so much about my eating habits and I’ve maintained many of the changes that I implemented.

The HDAS goes to:

My TedXCalgary participant talk!  It stretches me still to include it here.

Things I Want to Include, Just Because

This is the “hmmm … where did that other sock go?” category.

In no particular order, these events are quite deserving of an HDAS:

Seeing my daughter levitate on stage with Michael Franti.  She’s part of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald’s band and they toured with Michael Franti last fall.  Most joyful thing.


My friends who sheltered me and supported me when I had to be evacuated during the June 2013 flood.  Flood Friends Forever.

So there you go, another year done.  Toasted.  Roasted.  Baked. Fried. Cooked.  I’m so excited about all of the potential for 2014 and my wish for all is that we go forward fearlessly and joyfully.  That’s my plan.

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14 thoughts on “Bye Bye 2013, with gratitude and love xo

  1. You are so amazing! What an incredible year, so proud of you!

  2. Charlene on said:

    Sheryl! What a year its been! Awesome recap of your year. Thank you for sharing. Here’s to 2014 and the secrets that it holds.

  3. Julie Baker on said:

    Sheryl, you are an inspiration! So honoured that you featured cedarland in your awards! Here’s to another amazing year in 2014!

  4. Kristin on said:

    Lovely Sheryl, your words remind us to open our eyes and acknowledge the many gifts we have encountered over the past year. Looking forward to a plentiful New Year!

  5. I knew you as a young fearless mother-to-be, I knew you were special in your fearlessness, I knew you would do amazing things. I so wish you were part of my daily life as these glimpses so inspire me.

  6. Great post and I enjoyed your TedX talk! 🙂

  7. Alison on said:

    So great, Sheryl!

  8. What a fun post! Sherry I really enjoyed it!

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