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Cold Night, Warm Heart

I picked up a present for my Secret Santa person today (I can’t say what it is in case she’s reading this post and although she won’t know I’m “it”, she’ll know this present and wish I was her Secret Santa and if I’m not, she’ll be disappointed that she doesn’t get this very cool present!).

Snowy Fenceposts

The path along my walk home.

Walking home in the frigid evening, watching all the rush hour traffic along Memorial Drive, I felt a wee bit giddy at the idea of wrapping this little gift.  Everyone loves one of these.  I got my first one in my stocking years ago as a kid living out in the country.  It’s one of the easiest toys to play with.  I felt warm and cosy in spite of the cold darkness.  Treasured traditions that make me love this time of year filled my heart and head, and grins washed over me.  The shopping in secret.  Hiding presents, like the black patent leather shoes hidden in the window sill on the stairs landing.  Making a little deposit for a family ring for my mom.  And sharing with great enthusiasm with my sisters and brothers.  BAKING!  And sneaking some of the cookies out of the deep freeze (not me though!). Wait! Keep reading here!

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