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14 Ways to Make ’14 Brilliant


So many resolutions, so little time!

When I was ten years old (or so), one of my siblings asked, “What’s a revolution?”  I answered quickly, “A New Year’s Revolution!”  There was much guffawing and the exchange has lived on in my family for a few decades.  Of course, I was not quite right, but in the spirit of that innocent remark, I give you my (not too)  revolutionary list to create the best year ever.

14 ways to make ’14 brilliant

  1. Leave a bit of thread in your needle.
  2. Sing.  Even if you don’t think you can.  Even if someone is around, because singing helps you …
  3. Breathe!  Breathing brings us the most fundamental nourishment for our bodies (no breath, no life!)
  4. Laugh a lot and cry as needed.
  5. Connect with a friend every day.
  6. Take your shoes off at the door.
  7. Read or listen to the news BUT NOT just before you go to bed.
  8. Play Solitaire with a real deck of cards.
  9. Go outside and play.
  10. Smile at yourself in the mirror as much as possible.
  11. Unplug for at least 2 hours each day and especially when visiting, snuggling, or eating.
  12. Love more (yes, that means your Self too!).
  13. Raise your arms above your head and shake them wildly for at least 30 seconds each day.
  14. Do something that you really love to do: imperfect action trumps perfect inaction.

Ta dah!  Easy breezy – what would you add?

Bye Bye 2013, with gratitude and love xo

In the spirit of saying goodbye and thanks to 2013 and in preparation for 2014, I give you, the first annual

Honey Drip Awards of

Criteria:  Really extra-ordinarily simple

  1. Direct experience – I had to be involved somehow
  2. Indirect experience – I had to feel something about it
  3. Random input – I feel like including it because it deserves to be mentioned.

Points/Rating System*:  Again, I like to keep things simple, so each entry (submitted by me) will have been judged by a panel (consisting of me and my feelings) and awarded points (arbitrarily assigned by me) based on three things:  1.  How did I like it?  2.  How did I feel about it?  3.  Lasting impact i.e. I’m still feeling it a) not at all; b) somewhat; c) sort of a little; d) someLOTS

*Fine print about the PRS:  I use the totally scientific method of taking really big numbers and input them into a fake algorithm quantum physics gut feeling simulator resulting in an impressively incomprehensible calculation that I translate into honey drips.  The stickier the honey drip, the higher the likelihood of winning in a particular category. 


This was a wee bit of a challenge, because I wasn’t sure how to organise them all so I’ve kept it simple (running theme):

Things I Read; Things I saw; Things I listened to; Things I did that Stretched Me; Places I Went; Things I Want to Include

So, without further ado, on this December 31st, the last day of 2013, I give you with much fanfare and with great joy, the much anticipated Honey Drip Awards of Sweetness Read more…

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