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Let’s Go Postal (The Letter’s in the Mail, Man!)

Interactive part one:  Who has received a letter in the mail (raise hands)?  I mean a personal letter, not a bill, or admail, or current resident/occupant promotion.

Interactive part 2:  How did you feel?  Think for a minute. You’ve taken your key to the super box and the weather is yuck – snowing and blowing the Arctic/Polar Vortex is in full force.  Or maybe you heard the letters slip through the mail slot in your door and land in a gentle phish onto the floor.  Perhaps you slip your gloved hand into the receptacle on your verandah on your way home from work and your bag of groceries that you picked up is a little awkward and it falls a bit (phewf though, the bananas didn’t fall out) while you glean whatever is there.  Flyers, junk mail.  You remind yourself (again) to put the sticker on the mail box saying NO junk mail or flyers.  But then, you catch a glimpse of an envelope that has been handwritten, with your name.  And a regular postage stamp – a self-sticking one now, but not from a postal machine.  Now what?  Glee!  Delight!  Whoa!  A letter!  Suddenly the trip to the mail box is the best thing since the IKEA/Sears Christmas catalogue came out last fall!  What the … ?  Check the return address and you feel the grin, don’t you?  It’s sublime.  It’s wonderful.  It’s make a pot of tea and savour it wonderful.  Or toss the rest of the junk on the floor by the wet boots and tear that sucker open and devour it.


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