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Unplug and say hi!

I’ve recently moved to an inner-city neighbourhood close enough to my school that I can walk in 20 minutes or so.

Being surrounded by an eclectic collection of older homes and newer condos, boarded up corner stores, old fences and creaky gates, I enjoy the illusion of small town Canada.  Small towns appeal to me, in particular the friendly, folksy atmosphere.    It is here the illusion breaks down.

It is in my nature to say goodmorning to everyone I pass on the street – and by everyone, I mean people, squirrels, pigeons, jack rabbits and chickadees.  The intriguing bit about this is that the non-human creatures are generally the most responsive.  They are unplugged.  They make eye contact and either get out of the way (squirrels and rabbits) or hop along the fence beside me (chickadees) hoping for a snack, or just coo (pigeons).  There is interaction.

The people, the human creatures I encounter, are seldom engaged with the world around them.  They don’t look up, they don’t smile back, and I’m fairly certain they can’t hear me.

They simply are not aware of what is around them.  It is the nature of the ear bud that keeps them isolated.

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2 thoughts on “Unplug and say hi!

  1. Charlene on said:

    Well I’m from the friendly town of Ottawa and I take a variety of routes each day to walk or run with our dog Dexter. 99% of the people I encounter daily say hello – although I am usually the one who initiates the greeting! But so what, it still happens. xo

  2. It’s one of my favourite things about the tiny town we live in, here in Elliot Lake. The only “danger” of saying, “Good morning” to someone you pass, is that you may be late for where you’re headed, because more often than not, you’ll end up in a friendly conversation.

    Will and I both used to live in the city before, and we’ve often spoken about just how different the atmosphere can be sometimes. I totally understand the appeal of something ‘smaller’.

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